libturpial: A microblogging client writen in Python, light and functional

libturpial is a library that handles multiple microblogging protocols. It implements a lot of features and aims to support all the features for each protocol. At the moment it supports only Twitter and is the backend used for Turpial.

libturpial is currently under heavy development, so probably you will find bugs or undesired behavior. In this cases please report issues at:

We will be grateful for your contributions.


  • Twitter API
  • API
  • HTTP and OAuth authentication
  • Proxy
  • Services for shorten URL and upload images
  • Multiple accounts, multiple columns
  • User configuration
  • Image preview
  • Filters


This part of the documentation shows you details about specific functions, methods and classes in libturpial.

Further information

For more information about the development process, please go to: