This module contains all the classes involved in Turpial configuration. All files are stored on ~/.config/turpial/ and cache is stored on ~/.cache/turpial/. Absolutes directories will vary depending on the operating system.

In configuration folder you will find:

  • accounts: A directory where live sub-directories with the configuration of every single account.
  • config: The global configuration file. Here is stored all the settings related to the application behavior (even for the graphic interface)
  • filtered: A plain text file where libturpial stores all filters applied to timelines.
  • friends: A plain text file that contains the list of all the friends of all the accounts registered

Module to handle basic configuration of Turpial

class libturpial.config.AppConfig(basedir='/home/docs/.config/turpial', default=None)

Handle app configuration

class libturpial.config.ConfigBase(default=None)

Base configuration

register_extra_option(section, option, default_value)

Registers a new configuration option under a specified section with a default value. Returns a maping with the new option as a key and the value